Dorte Stigaard

Media Specialist

Dorte Stigaard, media specialist

My name is Dorte Stigaard and I’m a media specialist. I previously worked at a media agency and have a degree in business marketing.

I’m the specialist who, together with my colleagues in Sales, helps our customers to gain a better understanding of their own customers. I know how physical media, such as direct mail, can make a positive difference to a company.

Wide-ranging career

PostNord has a wide variety of employees from diverse backgrounds. I see my place of work as flexible and accommodating – here, there’s a place for everyone. I value the fact that we all respect each other.

I think that a diverse workplace such as PostNord offers me new, exciting career paths. These opportunities exist side by side with helping each other, and I appreciate the balance.

We know most people

I’m proud that we deliver to all Danish households on a daily basis – everything from crucial medicines to birthday gifts.

PostNord covers the whole of Denmark and we know all our customers. This knowledge is beneficial when I visit customers as it provides a good picture of the Danish population.

I think it’s exciting to transform database knowledge into business for the customer.

Visiting customers that we are able to help get to know their target audience even better is a special experience for me. One example was when I received data from one of our customers and was able to tell them that their target group was 20 years older than they thought. This enables me and the sales rep to go in and produce scenarios for how the customer can better target the audience they wish to reach. This is something that customers really take seriously and is a service that you often have to pay for in other contexts.

We provide this knowledge to our customers because we know it helps them – and us – to create a better business. And personally I think it’s exciting to transform database knowledge into business for the customer.

Last updated: 9/7/2016 10:42 AM