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Meetings and attendance

The table shows the number of meetings held by the PostNord Board of Directors as well as the attendance of the individual Board members.

Board of Directors, attendance 2020

Director Board meetings Audit Committee Remuneration Committee
Christian W Jansson 13/13   3/3
Christian Frigast 13/13   3/3
Christian Ellegaard 2) 4) 6/6 2/3  
Charlotte Strand 3) 13/13 3/3  
Sonat Burman Olsson 13/13 6/6  
Ulrica Messing 13/13   3/3
Måns Carlson  13/13 6/6  
Peder Lundquist 13/13 6/6  
Susanne Hundsbæk-Pedersen 1) 5) 7/7   1/1
Bo Fröström (A) 12/13    
Johan Lindholm (A) 13/13    
Sandra Svensk (A) 13/13    
Per-Arne Lundberg (dep. A) 12/13    
Dzevad Ramic (dep. A) 12/13    
Jess Sloth Hansen (dep. A) 13/13    

1) Elected at the AGM in April 2020
2) Resigned at the AGM in April 2020
3) Elected to the Audit Committee at the AGM in April 2020
4) Resigned from the Audit Committee at the AGM in April 2020
5) Elected to the Remuneration Committee at the AGM in April 2020

More about Corporate Governance

Articles of Association

PostNord's Articles of Association was adopted at the Annual General Meeting 2011. It specifies the regulations for our operations and defines our purpose. 

Annual General Meeting

The Annual General Meeting is the company’s highest decision-making body. Documentation from all previous meetings can be found here. 


Each year the Annual General Meeting is required to approve guidelines for executive compensation in the PostNord Group.

Audit Committee

The Audit Committee is tasked with preparing the Board to perform its duties of supervising and assuring the quality of the group’s financial reporting.

Compensation Committee

The Compensation Committee prepare and present proposals regarding compensation for corporate management and remuneration principles. 


Auditing firm KPMG AB has been elected as auditor in charge.

Group Leadership Team

The PostNord Group Leadership Team represent different parts of the organization. Annemarie Gardshol is the Group CEO.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors holds overall responsibility for the organization and management of the company.

Corporate Governance Report

PostNord’s Corporate Governance Report is part of the Annual and Sustainability Report.