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Our culture

We are all part of a great team that delivers quality service to our customers. No matter what role you play in our company, whether you deliver mail or packages, work at the terminal, drive vehicles, or have a desk job, we want you to behave in a way that helps us and our business grow.

Our culture is defined by our ABC Culture, which describes how we should act and behave.
These are the three core behaviors that guides us:




We see the bigger picture and take ownership to continuously improve our business and systematically share best practices.



By challenging current situations, we can prioritize effectively and focus on the things that matter the most. We lead a business that is in constant change.



It is important that we listen, pursuing development and asking each other for feedback. Together we create an inclusive workplace where our people can thrive. 



We unleash the power of diversity

Our employees have a range of very diverse backgrounds. We actively strive to unleash the power of this diversity through leadership based on responsibility, courage, and commitment.


Our strategic direction is to be a leader in parcel distribution and e-commerce, as well as having a sustainable, demand-driven letter delivery business.

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Available jobs

At PostNord, we have many types of jobs - for example distributors, drivers, sales people and positions within business development and management. Click below and search for the type of position and geography that suits you and see what matches there are in relation to jobs we have available right now.

Meet our people

Meet some of the PostNord Group employees, who talk about their jobs and everyday life at work. 

Frequently asked questions

We have gathered the answers to the questions we get asked about our recruitment.  

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