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Benefits, pensions, and insurance

This page presents information about the benefits, pensions and insurance coverage available to you as an employee of PostNord’s Group Function. As employees of this function are primarily based in Denmark and Sweden, some of the benefits are country-specific. These benefits are described in detail below.

Benefits – We think of the present

We at PostNord offer our employees a competitive wage and good working conditions, as well as excellent benefits and staff discounts.

One of the benefits we provide is membership of the PostNord Plus personnel foundation, which arranges a rich variety of activities and special offers in the areas of holidays, sports, cultural events and wellness. For additional information, click here.

Pensions – We think of the future

Pension – Employees in Sweden

Collectively agreed occupational pension – We operate a collectively agreed occupational pension scheme because we are well aware that financial security in old age is an important issue for everyone. The collectively agreed occupational pension can be compared to a deferred salary that ensures you receive more than the general pension when the time comes for you to retire. The occupational pension is what PostNord pays in addition to what you receive from the general pension and your own pension savings. The majority of PostNord companies are covered by the ITP-P arrangement, which differs slightly from the standard ITP plan in a number of areas, such as the age limit. As from January 1, 2009, PostNord’s work pension scheme – ITP-P – has been divided into two sections: Defined Benefit Pension (ITP-P Section 2) for people born in 1978 or earlier, and Defined Premium Pension (ITP-P Section 1) for people born in 1979 or later, as well as for all hourly paid employees regardless of age.

Family pension – Survivors of employees of any of the Group’s Swedish companies are entitled to receive a family pension. This applies likewise to survivors of former employees who have taken retirement. The family pension is a collective insurance based on the pension agreement ITP-P, section 2. The family pension plan is insured in the SPP insurance company.

Pensionstiftelse – The Postens Pensionsstiftelse organization administrates and secures pension liabilities for PostNord companies. For additional information, click here (in Swedish).

Pension – Employees in Denmark

PostNord operates an excellent pension system for our Group employees in Denmark, where the company’s contribution is between 12 and 20 percent. The actual percentage and pension fund are determined by which professional organization is entitled to negotiate the terms.

Insurance policies – We provide security during your employment

There may be times in your working life where work does not take first priority – if you become a parent, for example, or if you suffer a serious illness that requires long-term treatment and/or absence from work. The insurance schemes set up through our collective agreement ensure your peace of mind during such periods, so you can concentrate on what is important to you.

Insurance policies – Employees in Sweden

As a PostNord employee, you can be sure of a robust basic level of protection. For example, you receive:

  • Sickness benefit – The ITP-P work pension scheme reinforces your protection in the event of illness, through entitlement to sickness pension after a quarantine period of 90 days.
  • Survivor protection – Through your employment with PostNord, you are a member of the group life insurance scheme, TGL-P. This insurance means that if you should die, your surviving spouse/partner and children will receive a lump sum payment.
  • Accident and work injury – During working hours, you are protected by the Trygghetsförsäkring vid arbetsskada, (work injury insurance) policy – TFA. This insurance also covers travel to and from work (travel accident insurance). The policy has been taken out with AFA Försäkring. You can also expand the protection by supplementing it with a voluntary accident insurance policy.
  • Voluntary group insurance policies – such as life insurance, invalidity benefit, health insurance, accident insurance and child insurance.

Insurance policies – Employees in Denmark

We are committed to ensuring that PostNord is a safe workplace. As an employee, you are covered during your working hours by work injury insurance, accident insurance and business travel insurance. We also pay group life insurance contributions for you as our employee. Payment from the insurance pool can be made in the event of extremely serious illness – known as critical illness – and on death. In the latter case, a separate compensation payment is made to the employee’s survivors.

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See the Frequently Asked Questions tab for additional information about pensions, insurance and other benefits.

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