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About us

ABC Culture by GLT

In the podcast series ABC Culture by GLT members of PostNord’s Group Leadership Team (GLT) shared their thoughts on culture and leadership.

You can listen to the episodes by clicking on the names in this list.
Everyone speaks in their mother tongue, ie Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Annemarie Gardshol (34 min)
Group CEO and President CE
Peter Kjær Jensen (33 min)
Vice President of PostNord and Head of PostNord Denmark
Viktor Davidsson (29 min)
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Ylva Ekborn (32 min)
CEO of PostNord Strålfors Group
Jörgen Hellberg (31 min)
Chief Information Officer (CIO)
Kristina Lilja (28 min)
General Counsel and Head of Legal & Staff Functions
Robin Olsen (28 min)
Head of PostNord Norway
Mathias Krümmel (32 min)
Head of PostNord Sweden
All eight episodes (4 hr, 7min)

The pod was developed for PostNord's employees in collaboration with Angela Nihlén and Teresa Acuña Lopez, organizational developers who, among other things, run the Swedish-language podcast People & Culture – 30 minuter företagskultur.Culture_EN_1800x852.jpg

What is ABC Culture?

ABC Leadership is our leadership culture, regardless if you are a manager or employee and regardless if you work in production or in an office. We want to act in a way that takes us and the business forward. This is how we describe our desired culture:

Reliable means that we keep our promises and together, we do our best to make everyday life easier. We aim to inspire confidence in PostNord as part of society, in customer or partner agreements, or among colleagues.

ABC Leadership means that we are Accountable, Brave and Committed, effectively leading change regardless if we lead our self or others. We emphasize teamwork, sincerity and positive relationships in the workplace. We build on our success and learn from both colleagues and mistakes. 

Sustainabl​​e means that we challenge the status quo and we challenge ourselves to find innovative solutions. We always strive for a performance-oriented culture and when problems occur, we are part of the solution. We aim for sustainability in both the short and long term.​

What is GLT?

GLT stands for Group Leadership Team and is PostNord's management team. It consists of nine members who represent our marketing companies and group functions.

Our wanted culture

We build on our success and learn from both colleagues and mistakes. 

Our values

Our vision, purpose and set of common values guide our actions and determine our success.

Group Leadership Team

The PostNord Group Leadership Team represent different parts of the organization. Annemarie Gardshol is the Group CEO.

External podcasts

In several podcasts, Annemarie Gardshol has been interviewed as PostNord's President and CEO, about PostNord and the challenges we face. The interest in Annemarie as a leader has also increased.

Here are examples of some Swedish podcasts:


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