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How to invoice PostNord

PostNord's suppliers are important partners and at PostNord we value simple, straightforward and clear communication with our suppliers. On these pages you will find our requirements for invoicing, the ways in which you send in invoices and why an invoice is returned.


PostNord's general requirements for invoicing

Mandatory information to be provided at the invoice

In addition to general legal requirements for an invoice, PostNord has the following mandatory information to be shared at all invoices. For certain purchases we can have other required information to be shared. PostNord and supplier will agree upon requirements as part of our agreement and prior to the issues of invoices. 

Mandatory information:

  • The invoice must be issued to the full legal name of the recipient (The name of the PostNord company you are invoicing)
  • The invoice must contain correct reference number (often our Cost Center or Purchase Order, Vehicle number etc.)
  • An e-mail address to the supplier, to be used for information on rejected invoices not fulfilling PostNord’s requirements. 
  • Swedish suppliers must be approved for F-tax.

It is possible to provide more information such as:

  • GL Account (Accounting string)
  • Or other information such as building number, contact person’s name, etc.

Required information is given by the person at PostNord who orders goods and services, or it is provided upfront as part of the implementation of a newly signed agreement.

How to send invoices to Postnord?

PostNord can receive invoices through three different channels as e-invoicing, as a pdf or as a physical letter.

1. E-invoicing in format peppol bis 3.0

Send e-invoices to PostNord companies in Sweden. Here is a guide that helps you with requirements, format and use of different data fields.

2. As an attached pdf to an e-mail

If you want to send invoices as a pdf-file by email, please pay attention to the following requirements:

  • The invoice should be included as an attachment to the e-mail.
  • Only ONE (1) invoice per attachment (ie multiple-page invoice must be contained in single attachment file).
    • The recipient’s invoice address must be on the invoice, just as on physical invoice send by post.
    • The total size of an e-mail, including attachments, must not exceed 10 Mb.

Invoice addresses to PostNord (english) (pdf)

Invoice addresses to PostNord (swedish) (pdf)

Invoice addresses to PostNord (danish) (pdf)

3. As a physical letter

Invoice addresses to PostNord (english) (pdf)

Invoice addresses to PostNord (swedish) (pdf)

Invoice addresses to PostNord (danish) (pdf)

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