We keep the Nordic economy moving

PostNord is the Nordic region’s leading communication and logistics company. The group is young, but the business is run based on nearly 400 years of operational experience in the region.

PostNord literally keeps the Nordic economy moving. Every day we enable millions of businesses, government authorities and private individuals to do business, shop and communicate with each other.

Unique capacity to meet customer needs

People want to be able to send and receive their mail safely and securely. They want their goods and products to be delivered to their home, or as close to their home as possible. They want their newspapers to be delivered to their mailboxes every morning, and they want to choose how companies and government authorities communicate with them.

To be able to compete, companies are dependent on efficient logistics. Stock-keeping, logistics management and supply of goods are increasingly being outsourced. Many companies are also looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their communication with customers.

PostNord is well-established in the region and delivers mail, newspapers, products and goods every day – even to the most remote areas.

The group’s capacity is based on a robust structure of thousands of mail carriers and drivers as well as logistics and mail terminals throughout the region – over 5,300 distribution points and the largest vehicle fleet in the Nordic region.

PostNord also has industry-leading experience and solutions for ways in which companies can optimize their logistics or communicate more effectively with their customers.

This gives us a unique capacity to meet customers’ service requirements in the region.

Rapid changes

Demand for PostNord’s services is based on the fundamental needs of society and the business sector for transport and communication. But, due to the current and extremely rapid change in customer needs, the contents of mailbags and postal trucks are changing. Increasing e-commerce is driving demand for goods distribution and logistics services. New ways of communicating have reduced demand for letters as a mode of communication.

In recent years PostNord has made extensive changes to the business to meet customer demands, develop competitiveness and reduce environmental impact. This includes significant investments to improve production capacity, making it more adaptable and better equipped to meet customer needs.

The sweeping changes have been implemented without any contribution from the owners and while maintaining a high quality service level.

An explicit commitment

PostNord is preparing for the future. Continued investments are being made in the business. The group is becoming increasingly efficient.

We have made an explicit promise for the future to the Nordic business sector and society. You will be able to reach your recipients on time, securely and cost-effectively. PostNord is your reliable, accessible and sustainable business partner for communication and logistics.