Note 30 Transactions with associated parties

Note 30 Transactions with associated parties

Affiliated companies

Affiliated companies provide products and services to one another in accordance with the full costing principle plus a margin, except for services included in PostNord’s service range, for which market rates and terms apply. Intra-group sales totaled SEK 24m (23). For a list of the parent company’s holdings in affiliated companies, associated companies and joint ventures, see Note 6 to the parent company’s financial statements, page 136.

Swedish state

PostNord has been mandated by the Swedish state to provide universal mail services in accordance with the Postal Services Act. Like other postal operators in Sweden, PostNord requires a permit to provide postal services. During the period, the National Post and Telecom Agency (PTS) received SEK 15m (11) from PostNord as payment for this permit. PostNord paid SEK 9m (9) to PTS for handling dead letters.

The PTS appropriated SEK 25m (25) to PostNord, as compensation in agreements for procured postal services for disabled persons.

Posten AB loaned SEK 50m (0) to the Swedish Transport Administration for advancing the date of railway construction to Roserberg’s mail terminal. Posten AB has undertaken to advance a preliminary amount of SEK 130m.

Danish state

During the period, Post Danmark A/S paid the Danish state pension premiums of SEK 170m (188) 1) for the group of civil servants employed prior to the corporatization date. A further SEK 12m (27) is reserved in the Statement of Financial Position for any additional obligations to the same group.

Other organizations in Sweden

Posten’s insurance association is a freestanding fund monitored by the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority. The association insures PostNord’s commitments regarding employee disability and family pensions in accordance with ITP-P. During the period, PostNord’s Swedish companies received compensation totaling SEK 7m (8). Due to its well-consolidated position, the association did not charge any premiums in 2013, 2012 or 2011.

Posten’s Pension Fund manages pension commitments for Posten AB, Posten Meddelande AB and PostNord Logistics AB. The companies transfer new pension commitments to the fund and receive compensation for pensions paid. SEK 111m (482) was transferred to the fund during the period and compensation totaling SEK 0m (360).


For information on compensation and benefits paid to executives and Board directors, see Note 5, Employees, Personnel Expenses and Executive Compensation, page 113.

All members of the PostNord’s Board of Directors and Group Management were asked to provide written notification of any business relations they may have with PostNord and whether these occurred on a commercial basis. It was disclosed that Per Samuelson, a member of Group Management, owns all of the shares in BJT Holding Sverige AB, which in turn owns 77 percent of the shares in BTJ Sverige AB. BTJ Sverige AB purchases logistics services from PostNord Logistics AB on a commercial basis.