Note 6 Other expenses

Note 6 Other expenses

SEKm 2013 2012
Cost of premises 2,204 2,158
Provisions and reversals related to restructuring measures 441 898
Terminal fees 1,024 1,031
Cost of goods and material 1,099 1,177
Purchased IT resources 1,472 1,481
Capitalized development expenditures –194 –242
Other 3,830 3,845
Total 9,876 10,348
Specification of provisions and reversals attributable to restructing measures

Mail Denmark 56 187
Mail Sweden 153 101
Logistics 12 74
Strålfors 30 83
Other and Eliminations 190 453
Total 441 898

Available volumes in the printing and inserting market are declining due to substitution of digital alternatives. Strålfors’ printing and inserting production capacity in Sweden will therefore be concentrated in Ljungby and the operations currently run in Tomteboda will be closed. Provisions have been made for this measure.

Provisions made by business area Mail Sweden include a provision for the new post terminal in Hallsberg. The provision concerns redundancy at the existing terminals in Västerås and Karlstad.

Provisions within the other business areas are mainly attributable to personnel expenses related in part to PostNord’s cost reduction program.

WIthin the Other and Eliminations segments, provisions were primarily attributable to early retirement pensions and to admittance to agencies that handle redundant personnel. Personnel redundancies were primarily attributable to ongoing cost reduction programs within group functions.