A compass for employees

PostNord’s values – reliable, accessible, business partner, and sustainable – are fundamental to the group’s work with sustainability. Our values serve as a compass for each and every PostNord employee. Taken together, our culture, values and business ethics play a major role in the implementation of PostNord’s group strategy.

Activities to increase commitment

During the year the group continued its work with structured employee dialogues, training and guidelines to provide PostNord employees with a more solid, shared foundation to stand on.

An employee dialogue was launched in January 2013 regarding the group’s values. The dialogue aimed at stimulating discussion on the group’s development, creating commitment to the group’s values and creating opportunities to discuss the way our values impact each employee and our daily work.

The group uses employee dialogue as a method of implementing and uniting the group on various issues. Using methodological support and produced material, managers are responsible for leading a structured discussion. Regular dialogues help PostNord managers to become better communicative leaders who create commitment, provide and seek feedback and involve employees in decision-making processes.

According to employee dialogue evaluations, that employees feel that participation levels have improved and managers value the dialogue format as a method of communicating with their colleagues.

Group-wide Code of Conduct in progress

During the year PostNord reviewed the Code of Conduct and other similar governance documents used by the group’s various legal units. The outcome of this project will be a new, group-wide Code of Conduct for the group that replaces previous documents. The new Code of Conduct will be introduced during the first six months of 2014 and will serve as a guideline for all stakeholders as regards the group’s actions and requirements.

Guidelines for avoiding bribery

Salespeople from the Swedish business and centrally-placed PostNord buyers received training in Swedish anti-bribery legislation during the year. New Swedish anti-bribery legislation entered into force on July 1, 2012, and PostNord updated its guidelines for avoiding bribery in 2012. The guidelines incorporate the new Swedish Business Code developed by the Institute Against Bribes.

New whistle-blower procedure

During 2013 PostNord introduced a reporting procedure for whistle-blowers. The procedure is followed to report suspicion of serious criminal activity committed, sanctioned or consciously ignored by people in managerial positions or other key persons. Reporting can be done anonymously. The procedure was developed in conformity with laws and regulations in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.

The reporting procedure can be followed by employees of PostNord’s Nordic companies. Customers, suppliers and other stakeholders associated with these companies are also able to utilize the procedure.

The procedure is available in Swedish, Danish and English on the web. It is also possible to report by telephone or letter.

Reports are handled by PostNord’s Internal Audit in collaboration with external law firms. The Internal Audit reports directly to PostNord’s Board of Directors (Auditing Committee) or Group Executive Team (CEO), depending on degree of seriousness and where suspicion is directed.

Information has been published in various internal channels to ensure that employees are aware of the procedure and how to use it. Information has also been published on the group’s external website and communicated to major suppliers via the procurement function.