Partners enhance accessibility

PostNord has 5,341 distribution points, of which 215 are run by the company, 4,697 by external partners and 429 are unmanned automatic parcel points. Our partners are mainly well established retail chains with national coverage.

An important customer channel

PostNord’s cooperation with external partners is strategically important– our partners are part of PostNord’s interaction with customers. The structure of the operators’ drop-of and distribution networks is a competitive advantage because accessibility is appreciated by customers and influences their perception of the group. We therefore set high standards for our own service points as well as those of our external partners. During the year, PostNord expanded the number of distribution points by 462, from 4,879 to 5,341.

Dialogue develops cooperation with partners

In Sweden, PostNord conducts annual certification of all external partners to ensure that they have the right skills for addressing customers. In 2013, 93% of Swedish partner outlets completed the certification. In cases where partner outlets do not have certified staff, the group draws up an action plan so that each outlet obtains the necessary skills for certification.

We monitor Swedish and Danish customers’ perception of PostNord’s external distribution points in the group’s KVI customer survey. Read more on page 54.

PostNord conducts continuous dialogue with partners to ensure the development of services and offers. Mystery shopper surveys are conducted annually with multiple Swedish, Danish and Finnish partners. The aim is to identify areas for improvement and to adapt the training they receive. PostNord discusses the results of these metrics with partners, both centrally and with local merchants.

The group’s partner in Finland conducts monthly monitoring of its partners (store chains). In Norway, a daily quality-control report is distributed to each partner. At least twice annually there is also a quality-control meeting with each store manager. Annual surveys of partners’ perception of the cooperation with PostNord are conducted for the Swedish and Danish distribution points.