Quality-oriented customers

Every business day, PostNord delivers a huge amount of mail items, parcels and palletized goods to the Nordic region’s 25 million residents and 2 million businesses. We strive to execute each task in a timely, secure and efficient manner.

Delivery quality is crucial

Delivery quality is one of the key factors in the satisfaction of the group’s corporate and private customers 1) . To ensure our capacity to fulfill each individual task, quality work is conducted on a continuous basis in all group operations. These efforts are crucial for PostNord’s credibility and ability to do business. Our business operations generally maintain a high delivery quality, and we work hard to maintain and improve it.

Effective production processes and employee commitment are prerequisites for a high quality level. Interruptions and delays can be caused by many factors – such as impassable roads, broken sorting machines or IT-related problems. PostNord introduced new guidelines for continuity management in 2011. The guidelines stipulate that all business areas and group functions must be capable of restoring and maintaining important deliveries regardless of the cause of the interruption. Continuity work is part of PostNord’s risk management.

Many arenas for meeting with customers

Mail carriers and drivers meet private and corporate customers on a daily basis. PostNord’s external partners , who in many cases are the external face of the group, also have daily contact with customers. Read more about external partners on page 55.

The group’s sales units and account managers maintain regular dialogue with corporate customers. Corporate customers have communicated that they expect PostNord to be a proactive supplier, offer qualified advice and have a high level of expertise. To a large extent they demand a complete partner able to respond to many different needs, which means that all contact points and functions within PostNord need to act as a well-integrated unit.

PostNord’s customer service functions meet thousands of private and corporate customers every day via the Internet, telephone and e-mail. If a customer is not completely satisfied with a meeting or decision, they have the option of contacting a customer agent in Sweden and an appellate authority in Denmark. Feedback from all of these channels is instrumental in PostNord’s development.

The group expends much effort on exchanging information within the group in order to predict, understand and solve various customer needs. Putting customer service in contact with sellers means that PostNord can develop offers to customers and create new business opportunities.

Complementary systematic measurements

In addition to its daily contact with customers, PostNord regularly conducts various types of customer surveys. The goal of all customer dialogue is to continue to develop, to create new solutions for customers and to be aware of and manage challenges that arise.

Customer satisfaction

PostNord has been measuring customer satisfaction and private and corporate customers’ perceptions of the group and its operations since 2008. These measurements result in a KVI (Customer Value Index). The group’s overall KVI for the year was 71 (71). As previously, the year’s measurement shows that corporate customers appreciate the competence of PostNord’s sales staff and its geographic coverage. On the other hand, corporate customers want quicker development of custom-made solutions. Private customers appreciate the group’s delivery quality and geographic coverage but believe that areas such as claims management and customer orientation can be improved.

Corporate image

Approximately 94% of PostNord’s revenues come from corporate customers. But it also has a very large number of private customers, and corporate customers’ own customers and employees are in many cases also private customers. Since private customers are also important recipients of PostNord’s services, their perceptions of PostNord are of great significance. This is particularly true in Sweden and Denmark, where Posten and Post Denmark are responsible for universal postal services.

Corporate image surveys are conducted on a weekly basis, with around 200 Swedes and 200 Danes responding to questions about how they perceive Posten and Post Danmark. The Corporate Image Index for 2013 was 37 (35). Measurements for the year show a positive trend and a generally better opinion of Posten in Sweden, particularly in terms of personal impressions and the overall reputation. The development in Denmark did not show the same positive trend during the year, which is explained by periodic shortcomings in parcel deliveries. Post Denmark and Posten in Sweden essentially have the same basic strengths: dependability and reliability. Areas for improvement in Sweden have mostly to do with public perception of the group’s responsiveness and how to contact the company. In Denmark it is a matter of creating trust regarding Post Denmark’s future prospects.

Change in mail habits

Never before have there been so many channels of communication to choose from. Increasing digitization has increased the power of the recipient. PostNord conducted surveys in Sweden and Denmark on individuals’ habits and attitudes regarding physical and electronic communication. An important finding is that most people want to choose how to receive information. PostNord fulfills an important function in society by providing information about and services for physical and electronic communication.

Studies of the Nordic e-commerce market

For several years, PostNord has conducted studies of the Nordic e-commerce market. This year’s report, “E-commerce in the Nordic region 2013” shows that fast delivery and flexible customer service are highly prioritized.

Certification in demand 2)

Many customers require certification in connection with procurement of communication and logistics services. PostNord has worked since 2010 to achieve group-wide quality, environment and work environment certification.

Mail Denmark was included this year in PostNord’s quality and environment certification, which now covers the Swedish and Danish operations in their entireties. The Swedish operation’s work environment will be certified during 2014. This certification is already complete for business area Mail Denmark.

Plans have been developed for integrating non-Nordic operations and newly acquired businesses into the group-wide certification.

1) According to PostNord’s customer survey that forms the basis of the Customer Value Index (KVI).

2) PostNord’s operational management system is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment) standards. Work is in progress to include OHSAS 18001 (work environment) in the group-wide certification.

PostNord’s promise for the future to the Nordic business sector and society: you will be able to your recipients on time, securely and cost-effectively.