Meet our People

Mathias Engvall

Enterprise Architect, Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

As an Enterprise Architect, Hannes facilitate and define architecture directions to support the transformation and to direct decision-making towards the future IT architecture estate. EA collaborate closely with stakeholders from the business, IT and finance to provide a high-level, all-inclusive vision of enterprise solutions and development initiatives.

What kind of persons would fit and thrive in the role of Enterprise Architect (EA) with us at PostNord?

To enjoy working in the role, you must both appreciate and be able to work long-term and strategically, but also be able to delve into important details to solve short-term needs.

You must have your own drive, be responsive and at the same time be able to act as a leader to create understanding and acceptance for strategic choices that are decided. Having the ability to create confidence I think summarizes the characteristics well.

Why did you choose to take the job as an EA? What is best about your role as EA?

The role of Enterprise Architect has always felt very interesting as it gives you the opportunity to work strategically and with several people in different roles both in IT and the business side.

I always try to first look at the whole of the problems that need to be solved. Then I work on developing long-term solutions at an overall level.