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Analytics and Automation run a Center of Excellence to support and advice our businesses and group functions within PostNord in “how we can use data in a more efficient way, in our customer interface, in our administrative processes and so on by building clever data models, using advanced analytics, visualizing data, automation with different technologies and transformation by changing way of working.

We need to look at the business/operations from a 360 perspective to understand “what is the problem to be solved” and how will that effect the organization. We are kind of internal consultants within our field.

To handle these various needs, we have roles as Product owner, Business Analyst, Data Engineering and Data Scientist. Our competences are broad and deep, and working here requires a need and interest of understanding business.     

A Product owner is responsible of a certain area or services, understands tools and technology, behaviors and needs to act proactive within this field to suggest, advice and support stakeholders.

A Business Analyst is mainly specialized in deep dive analyses by looking into data, processes and manual work tasks, sort out and identify possibilities of optimization and suggest a road map. It´s often several activities that needs to be planned and done to get a full effect of a transformation and this needs to be in close cooperation with the operations and the competences in our Center of Excellence.

Both Product owner and Business Analyst needs to be able to act as a project manager, understand the problem and possibilities within different technologies and how to use this to make a great customer (or user) experience and in the same time efficient in accordance to our goals and business needs. It´s like being a juggler.

Anne-Christine Lane

Head of Analytics and Automation in PostNord Group, Nordic Strategy and Solutions

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Åsa Edde

Product Owner, Analytics and Automation

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Frederick Martyn, Business Analyst, Analytics & Automation

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