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Margareta Bogatir Studdert
Career / Meet our people

Margareta Bogatir Studdert

Head of IT Service Integration and Vendor Management

How much IT can mail and parcels involve?

My name is Margareta and I hold a degree in economics. My team works with IT suppliers: with relationships, contracts and governance. Our role is to set internal requirements for IT to ensure that everything runs smoothly between suppliers, PostNord IT and the rest of PostNord. 

PostNord probably appears to be primarily letters and parcels to onlookers. And we are – but we’re also so much more than that. The new product solutions, such as eCommerce and service logistics, mean we are undergoing a transformation at IT.

Insight into my workday as a manager

From the outside, my job as a manager may look like a long series of meetings that come one after the next. I find it interesting to be able to influence, modify and create a sense of community to make sure  we have a common understanding and direction.

As a manager, I’m happiest when I’m communicating and building structures that make daily work more efficient and exciting for my employees. Because it’s my responsibility to create the best conditions for my employees to do their jobs.

No career without a network

I see PostNord as many small operations. I’ve spent a few years at each service and I’ve been offered many opportunities, which makes my work interesting even after quite a few years.

As long as you want them, career opportunities exist. I know I work in an industry and a trade in which most managers are male. That’s why I’m part of a women’s network at PostNord. Expertise is most important, but we have to get better at raising our eyes to make sure we’re not only watching out for what we’re used to seeing.

I find it interesting to be able to influence, modify and create a sense of community to make sure we have a common understanding and direction.

Relationships are key

It’s probably familiar to all of us: we start from our own view and fail to take the extra steps to see things from someone else’s perspective. There are plenty of good reasons for doing that, but just as many good reasons to do something about it, which I believe involves relationships. We’ve tried to take the steps by gathering up the people who work with our suppliers in various ways: our legal department, purchasing and IT. Now our employees unite around shared tasks. Relationships create trust and result in better solutions.