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Issue 2, 2021

“We won’t achieve the goal by snapping our fingers”

Jussi Broberg’s machine removes unnecessary air out of parcels, reducing them in size by on average 30 percent. This could help to cut the number of truck journeys by 100 per year.

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“We’re developing the optimal bicycle”

New electric cargo bikes will halve the number of diesel,vehicle transports driving to depots in Danish towns and cities. Jacob Pedersen is looking for the best bike on the market.

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Arne is a trendspotter

What Arne Andersson doesn’t know about e-commerce isn’t worth knowing. He's always on the look out for future trends. Here are three of them.

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Pauliina is bringing Finland its own parcel network

Amid increasing competition, PostNord Finland is investing in its own distribution points. Pauliina Murtola is the person making this happen.

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Why do companies need a strategy? 

The word means “the art of waging war”, but are we really talking about battle planning? We asked Robert Gorosch to explain PostNord’s strategy. 

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