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Do you want a career with responsibility and development opportunities in a company that has the entire Nordic region as its workplace? If so, you should consider working with us.


Administration jobs

PostNord has many interesting areas to work in. We have opportunities for you who are interested in business development, IT, sales, finance and much more. Whichever area you choose, you have good opportunities to continue to develop when you become part of us at PostNord.

Production jobs

Within PostNord, letters and parcels are our most important business, the majority of our employees are mail carriers, terminal workers and drivers. If you are interested in these professions, you can get all of Sweden as your workplace.


PostNord – a modern company with an excited future

Our strategy is to focus on our core business, eg strengthen our position and continue to be a leader in parcel distribution and e-commerce in the Nordic region, as well as having a sustainable, demand-driven letter delivery business that creates value for citizens, companies and institutions.

Are you considering changes as part of your opportunities for development?

Then we could be the workplace for you. Society is changing. Fewer letters. More e-commerce. Both aspects are part of our core business and require us to develop as employees and as a company.

We want you to be able to use your strengths and resources at work. We make this happen. This can range from being allocated new, challenging tasks to participating in one of our Nordic development programs for target groups such as top talents and professionals or taking part in our Nordic mentor group. Your manager helps provide you with the right conditions to allow you to develop. In line with your commitment and your specific situation, of course. 


More about working with us

How to apply for jobs

Find answers to questions that you may have regarding the recruitment process.

Employment benefits

As an employee at PostNord's Group function, you get a competitive wage and good working conditions, as well as excellent work-related benefits, pensions, and insurance.

Development opportunities

Are you considering changes as part of your opportunities for development?

Our wanted culture

We build on our success and learn from both colleagues and mistakes. 


We ensure a healthy working environment, as our employees are the focal point. 


Diversity makes a workplace more dynamic and makes our business to perform better. 

PostNord Plus

Would you like to have active leisure time? 


Writing a paper or a thesis? Or do you need an internship or a job alongside the studies? 

Companies within the PostNord Group

Much of the information you read under Career applies to the entire Group, while other information only concerns the Group Company. Below are links to our various companies, so that you can get specific information that applies in these local companies.

PostNord Sverige

PostNord Danmark  

PostNord Norge

PostNord Finland

PostNord Strålfors

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