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Enterprise Architect

As Enterprise Architect you are vital for the transformation PostNord is doing to become more data-driven. With you we will transform our IT estate to better meet our customers and manage real-time flexibility.


PostNord is on a major transformation journey and IT is a key enabler to succeed. We need to be more data-driven, increase speed in development and at the same time reduce costs to support growth and profitability. To meet the increasing demands on digitalization we need to transform the underlying IT estate. Our solutions must be able to meet customer convince, manage many processes with real-time flexibility within production and cater for more flexibility for our workforce and assets. To a large extend our IT estate are outsourced and we operate in the whole Nordic region; both these factors generates many stakeholders.

To balance local needs with safeguarding our core business is essential and that is where you as an Enterprise Architect (EA) play a vital role. As EA you facilitate and define architecture directions to support the transformation and to direct decision-making towards the future IT architecture estate. We collaborate closely with stakeholders from the business, IT and finance to provide a high-level, all-inclusive vision of enterprise solutions and development initiatives.

As EA at PostNord, you participate and collaborate to develop the strategy for building and maintaining the Architectural Roadmap. You support technical roles with architectural guidelines to ensure that the development of technical landscape proceeds in-line with Architectural Strategy and Roadmap.

More about Enterprise Architect

Magnus Drape

Magnus Drape – Director, Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

What kind of persons would fit and thrive in the role of EA with us at PostNord?

As a person, you need energy to drive things forward and firmly guide the stakeholders to make the right decisions. For this, you need to create understanding and acceptance for strategic choices that are decided.


It is important that you can handle both the strategic part, but also the details when needed. Be able to balance the long and short-term perspective and needs. 


What is it like working in your team? What development will EA in your unit get?

Working in my team means a great deal of freedom and as an individual you must take a lot of responsibility. We support each other but have our own responsibilities.


As a leader I point out a direction, but I’m not involved in detail. We are all senior and competent, but sometimes we need support – we give this to each other on an ongoing basis.


During the years I have been at Postnord, EA has grown stronger and we are now a natural part of the strategic decisions made within Postnord. As the IT need is constantly growing within the Group, I see that EA will be needed, not least because architecture affects the company's agility, costs and business capabilities.

Mathias Engvall

Mathias Engvall - Enterprise Architect, Strategy & Enterprise Architecture

What kind of persons would fit and thrive in the role of EA with us at PostNord?

To enjoy working in the role, you must both appreciate and be able to work long-term and strategically, but also be able to delve into important details to solve short-term needs.


You must have your own drive, be responsive and at the same time be able to act as a leader to create understanding and acceptance for strategic choices that are decided. Having the ability to create confidence I think summarizes the characteristics well.


Why did you choose to take the job as an EA? What is best about your role as EA?

The role of Enterprise Architect has always felt very interesting as it gives you the opportunity to work strategically and with several people in different roles both in IT and the business side.


I always try to first look at the whole of the problems that need to be solved. Then I work on developing long-term solutions at an overall level.