Remove the Unknown but Keep the Magic

This time of the year predictions come from everywhere. Everyone tries to best predict what 2017 has in store for us. What if we could predict everything and remove the unknown?

With AI and machine learning we are well underway in predicting future events. Would it not be convenient to know in advance when I will have a cold, when my colleague will be late for a meeting, when my kids will fall and scratch their knees?

Checking out the weather forecast most of us has done for decades, choosing the fastest route to work based on real time and forecasted traffic data we have grown accustomed to in the past few years. Predictive and preventive health checks and dna-analysis are gaining grounds together with life expectancy analysis. What happens when we remove the unknown?

What happens when we remove the unknown?

Sometimes there is a thrill and a little bit of magic in not knowing. Who really wants to know what's in the christmas gift before you open it? Ok so my kids also ask and guess and touch and maybe even shake but they also love the moment of surprise.

In my business at PostNord, we try to find ways to predict and plan and be in control as much as possible. The more we know in advance the more efficient we can be and perhaps contradictory, the more flexibility and dynamic deliveries we can offer our customers.

With predictions we can better help our customers with the unexpected flowers on the table, the surprise birthday gift or just the magic of a regular Monday evening having the groceries delivered on your door step in time for dinner.

My prediction and belief is that technology will continue to evolve faster than we can grasp and make more and more of our everyday life and business predictable. I also believe that people need to make the decision of where to remove the unknown and where to keep the magic.

/Helen Holst​

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