PostNord’s owners have adopted Guidelines for Executive Compensation at the Annual General Meeting 2017.

Board of Directors and Committee remuneration

Remuneration to board members: SEK 290,000  
Remuneration to Chairman of the Board: SEK 670,000

Remuneration to Auditing Committee members: SEK 55,000 Remuneration to Chairman of Auditing Committee: SEK 70,000

Remuneration to Compensation Committee members: SEK 25,000
Remuneratin to Chairman of Compensation Committee: SEK 37,500

No fee is to be paid to any Board member who is employed by the Government Offices of Sweden or any of the Danish government ministries.

A fee is to be paid to employee representatives and their deputies who take part in Board meetings comprising the equivalent of a Swedish base amount (SEK 44,800). 

Remuneration for work performed on the Auditing and Compensation Committees is paid in full during the following year.

Last updated: 4/27/2017 11:29 AM