PostNord’s owners have adopted Guidelines for Executive Compensation at the Annual General Meeting 2018.

Board of Directors and Committee remuneration

Remuneration to board members: SEK 290,000  
Remuneration to Chairman of the Board: SEK 670,000

Remuneration to Auditing Committee members: SEK 55,000
Remuneration to Chairman of Auditing Committee: SEK 70,000

Remuneration to Compensation Committee members: SEK 25,000
Remuneration to Chairman of Compensation Committee: SEK 37,500

No fee is to be paid to any Board member who is employed by the Government Offices of Sweden or any of the Danish government ministries.

A fee is to be paid to employee representatives and their deputies who take part in Board meetings comprising the equivalent of a Swedish base amount (SEK 45,500). 

Remuneration for work performed on the Auditing and Compensation Committees is paid in full during the following year.

At an extraordinary general meeting on 14th of August 2018, the owners decided on remuneration for the Deputy Chairman of the Board.
Remuneration to Deputy Chairman of the Board: SEK 500,000

Last updated: 8/15/2018 1:03 PM