Invoice Management

Efficient invoice management is very important for PostNord. For several years, we have been working with various tools to achieve an efficient process.  

Invoices must include complete and accurate information, and must be issued to the correct company within the PostNord Group in order to be approved as accounting records.

Instructions when sending invoices to:

Invoice addresses:


About electronic invoicing

  • If you are a supplier to PostNord Group AB and/or PostNord Sverige AB and are interested in sending an Electronic Invoice, please submit an application form to
  • If you are a supplier to Post Danmark A/S. OIOXML is the only format that Post Danmark A/S accepts for electronic invoicing. If you have any questions concerning electronic invoicing, please contact Purchasing, Head of Team1 Trine Hermansen,  e-post:


Do you wish to send your invoice as PDF or TIF?


Terms for sending invoices as PDF or TIF:

  • The invoice should be added as an attachment to the email
  • Any text in the email body will not be read or handled in any way
  • The invoice should be in either PDF or TIF format
  • Only one invoice per attachment (i.e. multi-page invoices must be sent as one attachment)
  • Multiple attachments sent in one email are handled as long as each attachment has a unique name
  • The file name can only include the letters a-z and/or numericals
  • The receiver’s invoice address must be stated on the invoice image, just as on physical invoices sent by postal mail
  • The email size (including attachments) cannot exceed 20MB
Last updated: 10/20/2017 11:12 AM