Higher tempo in PostNord’s strategic transformation

PostNord's strategy aims to consolidate the Company's position as the leading Nordic logistics and communications business. The process of change is based on the Group's key priorities.

Posten AB and Post Danmark A/S merged in 2009, in order to secure a position as the leading player in the Nordic communications and logistics market. PostNord’s current transformation aims to adapt the organization to considerably lower volumes, with the focus on providing efficient postal services in Sweden and Denmark.

At the same time, a competitive logistics operation is being built up, with a major e-commerce focus on the Nordic domestic market. The strategy now in place is based on ten priorities aimed at building, repositioning and developing PostNord into the leading Nordic logistics and communications company.


  • Establish a harmonized and customer-oriented Nordic product portfolio
  • Create a goal-oriented performance culture
  • Integrate sustainability into everything we do


  • Consolidate the position as the leading Nordic e-commerce player
  • Secure profitable growth within prioritized logistics segments
  • Attain the position of first-choice Nordic partner in omnichannel communication
  • PostNord listens to its customers and their recipients


  • Reduce and adapt the cost base
  • Secure stable and efficient IT operations
  • Implement an integrated production model


Highlights during the year

  • Further cost-cutting actions taken in all countries, leading to a more cost-effective administration and more cost-efficient production.
  • The position of Business area eCommerce & Logistics in the market was further consolidated via integration of operations acquired and new acquisitions.
  • Work on harmonizing the product portfolio progressed according to plan.
  • New digital interfaces for recipients and businesses added value to PostNord’s e-commerce offering.
  • Working closely with PostNord Strålfors, Business area Communication Services developed an omnichannel offering for the Nordic market and initial preparations were made for an entry into the Norwegian market for mail distribution.
  • Development of the Group’s service logistics offering continued in the line organization.
  • The PostNord listens program was launched as a new Group priority, with the main focus on improving the recipient’s experience of the PostNord service.
  • The process of rolling out the integrated production model is going ahead on schedule.
  • Further upgrading of the IT infrastructure, in part by transitioning to new suppliers, is improving IT stability and will lead to lower costs.
  • Following the reprofiling of PostNord in Denmark, the Group now offers its services under the common brand in all markets.
Last updated: 3/17/2017 10:16 AM