Work on building the best logistics and communications business in the Nordic region continues

With an intensified focus on the future, the targeted work on the Group’s most important strategic priorities continues.

Since the merger of Posten AB and Post Danmark A/S in 2009, the market and the conditions affecting the business have altered dramatically. Starting from a clear strategy, PostNord has been established as a competitive logistics player with a strong focus on the growing e-commerce sector. At the same time, considerably lower mail volumes have necessitated radical restructuring of the organization to ensure that a good postal service in Sweden and Denmark is maintained. In parallel, initiatives within the Group are under way to develop the communications business, partly through development of digital services and channels and partly via different combinations of physical digital communication. The Group’s strategy is underpinned by ten priorities.


  • Leader within e-commerce
  • Innovative digital services and channels
  • Leading in sustainability


  • Winning the hearts and minds of customers, consumers and employees
  • Harmonized product portfolio
  • Growth in prioritized logistics segments


  • Competitive cost level
  • Stable and efficient IT operations
  • Integrated and flexible production model
  • Optimization of the physical mail business


Highlights during the year

  • Transition to a financially sustainable production model in Denmark.
  • New postal ordinance in Sweden, paving the way to changes in production and new services, in effect in Sweden from January 1, 2018.
  • Continued, intensified focus on quality improvement measures.
  • Several customer- and recipient-oriented services were launched during the year, including evening home deliveries as standard and Saturday deliveries to certain service partners in Sweden.
  • Further development of digital customer interfaces (recipient app/sender app) and flexible solutions such as deliveries to locked areas, cars, businesses, households, including services for returns.
  • PostNord listens implemented throughout the Nordic region. A total of 803,000 ratings were noted during 2017.
  • Continued harmonization of the Group’s end-to-end Nordic offering.
  • Continued reduction of the Group’s administrative costs to a more competitive level.
  • Implementation of the integrated production model in Sweden and Denmark going ahead on schedule.
  • Continued reduction in Group’s carbon dioxide emissions. PostNord’s environment work ranked at the highest level, Gold, in the International Postal Corporation’s (IPC) annual awards.
  • To reinforce a delivery culture even during an ongoing restructuring process, the Group’s approximately 1,500 leaders were trained in managing change and communicative leadership. An extended program was established at PostNord Sweden.
Last updated: 3/16/2018 11:05 AM