Mats Lindgren

Manager for PostNord Insight

Mats Lindgren Director Consulting PostNord Insight

My name is Mats Lindgren and I hold a doctorate in media technology.

My team of consultants produces new insights for our Nordic customers. Our tools include customer data plus our shared expertise and best practices. We analyze the customer’s entire ecosystem, from logistics to communications, across national borders and down to the administrative flow. With this approach, we help to secure development and growth for our customers.

With customer insight as a foundation, we are responsible for developing our products so that they generate more value and run strategic projects in the Strategy & Commercial Excellence Group function.

Our customers rely on us and view us as competent. I am proud to be part of that.

Fun and challenging
I find it fun and inspiring to be part of the dynamic that involves simultaneously being able to see clear increases and decreases in some of our major product areas. I see new possibilities for our offering, such as getting the most that we can out of our 1:1 contact with just about everyone in the Nordic region in two dimensions: physical and digital.

Our customers rely on us and view us as competent. I am proud to be part of that

We have an extensive history in several Nordic countries, with a wide variety of experiences. At PostNord Insight, we challenge the organization and processes to generate change that supports a new, Nordic customer journey.

When dogs become customers
Everyone understands the love that pet-owners feel for their dogs – the long walks, the softest dog bed, and the best dog food. When we met Karl from Animail, who had a background at Google, we knew he already had plenty of digital marketing expertise. So we wanted to create a solution that delivered both physically and digitally.

Using the customer’s data, we developed a plan for Animail to boost profitability. But we wanted to do more than that. Because when an owner chooses puppy food, the choice entails a degree of loyalty that rivals the lifelong loyalty of a dog to its owner. We found the beloved puppies through open databases and sent them personal greetings, which you can see here. As you can certainly imagine, they were shared on social media and attracted both attention and new customers to Animail at a rate that exceeded most expectations.

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