Sofia Persson

production manager

Sofia Persson - production manager

My name is Sofia Persson and I am production manager of a mail carrier team in Stockholm. I have a high school diploma.

An accustomed leader
After several years as an employee, I am now a leader. I’m taking an aspiring leader program at PostNord, where I am learning more about the company and what is required of a leader.

It’s exciting to learn more about what the changes mean for people at the individual level, and how you have to remember that even though you may have worked with these tasks a lot as a leader, they are often new for employees. I’ve put this insight into practice, because leadership and changes are connected.

When spring arrives
Christmas is a hectic time, when lots of us send Christmas cards to our friends and family. But my favorite season is spring, when nature is reborn – there is a special ambiance when mail carriers are off on their routes in the spring weather.

Some of my work days are stressful and chaotic; it feels like we have to battle to reach the finish line, and then we can be proud that we’ve made it. On calmer days, I have an overview and I can carry out tasks in peace and quiet. I like both kinds of days, but I’m probably happiest when things are busy.

From individual to team
We visited a team in Gothenburg that had a great method for handling letters that are forwarded to a new address when a recipient has moved. The task went from an individual employee to being completed by the team, which improved both efficiency and quality.

I’ve put this insight into practice, because leadership and changes are connected.

When we implemented the new process and worked on this task as a team, I was able to use what I’ve learned about change from my leadership training. People react differently when a task is eliminated and the work process changes. I tried to encourage everyone to find the best solutions and to support and prioritize the employees who performed the task. It was successful, and I’ve applied this approach to other areas of my job.

We work in teams at PostNord. I think that makes us more flexible and improves the workday. As a result, we perform tasks better, much to our customers’ delight.

Last updated: 6/7/2018 2:57 PM