Taninwat Kaewpankan

Terminal employee

“It started off as a summer job arranged by Sigtuna Municipality. I’ve now been working here for three years alongside my studies. It’s great to earn some extra cash.” Taninwat Kaewpankan, known as Ice, is very satisfied with his job at the mail terminal in Rosersberg.

The terminal has a system that allows you to send out texts with requests for some part of the staff to work the various shifts. If Ice wants to and is able to work, he replies by text.

“I work about three days a week and about five hours each time. I have my studies too, so how much I can work varies a bit.

It’s a pleasant job, and working at different stations suits me well.”

Can work at several terminals

As Ice has now been working casually for a few years, he’s been to most stations at the terminal and can jump in just about anywhere. He sorts mail – manually or using a machine – bulky items (thicker letters) or direct mail.

It’s a pleasant job, and working at different stations suits me well. It means that you don’t get bored.

Friendly colleagues

Ice also likes his colleagues. He thinks that everyone at the terminal is pleasant and helpful.

“And I earn good money. I compare with friends who have other jobs, and they get a bit envious of me having the chance to come in here.”

Last updated: 6/7/2018 2:57 PM