Thomas Budde Sørensen

Vendor Performance Manager

My name is Thomas Budde Sørensen. I work in IT with service integration and vendor management. As Vendor Performance Manager, I work primarily on optimizing and guaranteeing deliveries as set out in the agreements that IT signs with our biggest strategic suppliers. 

I’ve taken part in a mentoring program at PostNord, which I’ll talk a little more about here. The program aimed to establish relationships and greater cooperation between different parts of the business and support the development of Nordic leadership.

What made you sign up for the program?
I read about the program on the intranet and thought it was a good opportunity to expand my network at PostNord and to gain greater understanding of how PostNord views leadership issues. I also wanted to support an initiative where it wasn’t only managers who met other managers. 

How did the meetings between you and your mentor go?
“We met a few times just the two of us. On the first occasion, I traveled to PostNord’s office in Oslo, and the second time we met at Arken. The rest of the meetings took the form of video conferences. We had around five meetings in total.

“The theme of the program is leadership, so our meetings were mainly about my ambitions as a leader in the short and long term. We started out by talking about my strengths and weaknesses where leadership is concerned and how I could turn my ambitions into reality. Among several other things, we discussed the challenges of going from the role of expert to a leadership role in an organization that you have been part of for a long time.

What have you gotten out of taking part?
Above all, I think it’s positive to see such an initiative on the part of PostNord. The program focuses on diversity, which after all is crucial in an organization that operates in several different countries, with employees from different backgrounds in terms of culture and ethnicity but also with different individual characteristics. I hope that this sharpens the focus on the differences that exist, but also on how we as an organization can continue our work on blending together these differences so we can gain an advantage in the Nordic region.

The program focuses on diversity, which after all is crucial

“At the meetings I’ve been able to put my ambitions into words and have them affirmed. I’ve also expanded my network, even if I’d have liked to have seen it grow even bigger. Unfortunately I was unable to take part in one of the joint seminars for all participants. This was a shame because it was chiefly on these occasions that there were opportunities to forge new relationships. I would have particularly appreciated being able to meet more experts like myself to hear how they view the path towards their goals.

So I would absolutely recommend that others take part in this kind of program if they get the chance.

About the program

The mentoring program is part of the “Move – Change for Diversity” program. The aim of this program at PostNord is to offer new opportunities for employees with great potential for development, and to encourage and create scope for greater internal career development.

The participants, who come from all of the Nordic Countries, apply for the yearly program. At the start of the program, the mentor and the employee sign a contract that describes the form, content and division of responsibilities of their mentor relationship.

Last updated: 6/13/2018 11:06 AM