Thomas Klamell

Manager for Physical Marketing Communication

Thomas Klamell - product manager

My name is Thomas Klamell and I am manager for Physical Marketing Communication. After high scholl, I completed a year-long program at the Stockholm School of Economics that was developed in collaboration with Posten.

Part of the media market
My team is in charge of physical advertisement, free newspapers, analyzes and addresses within the business unit Communication Services. We are the specialists who improves our unaddressed direct mail offerings. We have an eye for the best possible way to do that in several parts of the process, such as production, sales and IT support.

Throughout the development process, I work closely with our salespeople; they are our direct link to customers. We have sophisticated tools that allow customers to focus on their customers with impressive precision. We have to make the product as attractive as possible. And we work together well, also together with external business partners; there is an excellent rapport among colleagues here.

I have an eye for the best possible way to do that in several parts of the process

If you want to sell apples…
Today, the media market is more varied than ever. Customers have a wide variety of offerings from which to choose. But at the same time we can see that some industries – such as groceries – use our products a great deal.

That’s why I say that if you want to sell apples, you should set up at the market square and sell apples. Because it’s essential to be where our customers want to find us.

A cover with new content
I appreciate having a close collaboration with our customers. After several workshops at which we discussed growth opportunities with some of our major customers, we decided to make a new cover with the name “Opslaget” [Bulletin].

One of the changes is that rather than each edition having an advertisement on the first page, about 50 times a year, we have a page with editorial content, recipes, tips and tricks, and reader contests for families. This has proven to be highly appreciated among recipients and advertisers alike.

Last updated: 6/22/2018 2:33 PM