Internships, papers, thesis and student assignments

Do you have an idea for a paper, thesis, internship or other student assignment that may benefit our operations or help our business? If so, we would be pleased to contact you and learn about your proposal.

Consider the following:

  • Please contact us with plenty of lead time
  • For those wishing to write a paper, please contact us at least one month prior to project commencement 
  • For spring internships in Denmark, the application deadline is 1 December of the preceding year; for autumn internships, the deadline is 1 July of the same year  
  • Your problem formulation, focus area or approach 
  • Time horizon; i.e., start and finish dates 
  • Think about your expectations for the collaboration, as well as processes and timing (e.g., interviews or the like)

Do you have any questions or want further information? You will find our contact information on the Contact page.

Last updated: 8/8/2016 3:02 PM