Managers and employees

In 2016, there was a Nordic competition between all our different teams within PostNord. Teams from Sweden, Norway and Denmark participated, and this is the movie about the six winning teams.

How you know what is expected of you?

We express what we expect of you in written and spoken form and in a dialogue. Our expectations are written in the criteria set for our leadership and employeeship.

Together to achieve our goals
We achieve the best ongoing results by working together and we have therefore decided to organise our work in teams. We achieve our aims by setting goals. We have goal contracts for our managers and goal for teams to make our expectations of each other clear. This enables us to know when we do things well and to do things better when improvements are needed.

Tools for dialogue
We discuss our expectations of each other. Each individual employee is offered to participate in an annual appraisal interview. So-called Management Planning is used to map the potential and performance of our managers. An annual employee survey is conducted which provides an evaluation of the individual team and manager as a basis for dialogue and development.

Which team will win? About our team contest

In 2016 there was for the first time a competition within PostNord, where teams from Sweden, Norway and Denmark participated. In the competition, we highlighted themes such as quality and diversity, that we want to show and reinforce in our talented team.

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