Vinnande team i Norge

Team E-commerce, Norway, May-Kristin S. Willoch: 

May-Kristin S. Willoch

We have worked a lot with communications

The team competition helped Team E-commerce from Norway remind itself what it has done well, such as building up a large network of partner outlets in Norway over the past ten years.  “This is a fantastic achievement about which we should be proud,” says team manager May-Kristin S. Willoch.

During the work with the competition entry, the employees were reminded of how much they have achieved.

“They have built up a partner network containing 1,500 outlets. Our customers are very satisfied and we work with business development. It was positive for the team to be able to highlight for themselves what they have achieved together in recent times.”

The team works systematically with development and improvement. In recent years, there has been a particular focus on communication.

“The employees requested more information and greater transparency.”

It is now noticeable, for example, that employees have the confidence to raise issues.

“Previously, there were not many employees who said something when we asked what could be improved. Then someone dared to raise something and when the others saw that this helped they also began to open up,” says May-Kristin S. Willoch.

In terms of her own leadership, she has worked mostly with involving and coaching her employees. She now doesn’t present ready-made solutions, but encourages discussion and independent thinking.

“Leading means achieving results via others. To do that, one has to focus on the people and not just on what they are going to do.” 

Last updated: 1/16/2017 1:44 PM