Vinnande team i Sverige

Direct Hand In, Malmö Mail Terminal, Sweden, Mohammad Naser:

Mohammad Naser

Customer focus is a given for us

Dedicated and flexible employees who treat each other and the customers with respect. This is the key to success for Mohammad Naser’s team in Malmö.
At the direct hand in, the employees meet customers face to face. This gives rise to a natural customer focus, in the opinion of Mohammad Naser.

“My team receives mail and creates invoices. The fact that the team members meet customers in person gives them extra motivation to do everything right.”

Thanks to the team‘s attention to detail and sense of responsibility, there are few complaints regarding errors. If they identify something that seems strange, they take care of it straight away.

“By correcting errors before invoices are created, we avoid a lot of unnecessary extra work later on.”

Any errors that do slip through are usually addressed quickly. Customers notice this, which generates confidence in PostNord and pride in the team.

“We who work here feel fortunate, because we really see that our efforts create value for the company.”

Mohammad Naser has monitored the team‘s key figures on a daily basis at blackboard meetings for the last few years. This was previously only done on a monthly basis.

“The daily check has increased awareness among employees and improved the securing of revenues.”

During the past two years, the team has also worked actively to increase respect for each other‘s differences, both in terms of skills and ways of being. This has led to better cooperation and a better atmosphere in the group.

“We are now more flexible in terms of both process management and in relation to each other. We can easily adapt to how the day looks, prioritize and cover for each other.”

Last updated: 12/29/2016 10:58 AM