Katrine Thorning Wenck

Customer Relation Manager

Katrine Thorning Wenck, Customer relations manager

My name is Katrine Thorning Wenck and I’m part of team that works with customer experiences. I have an economics degree, specializing in business economics. 

Our customers are to experience good quality and have a good feeling following contact with us. I collate customer insights from analyses, social media and direct feedback. I analyze facts and give the customer a voice in the organization, where we as change consultants bring the customer into our decisions and processes.

Suppliers of joy and anticipation

We at PostNord are privileged in that our contact with customers is associated with a good experience when “the post office has delivered a parcel”. We are suppliers of joy and anticipation.

I see us as having a new task in society – from delivering letters and parcels to service logistics, eCommerce and pallets. There are many new business areas and we need to adapt to this.

We are an organization borne up by tradition while being ambitious. I’m proud to play a part in changing habits and engaging in debate with the organization, where I can see people’s good intentions and desire to make changes.

A handwritten letter of thanks

To include the customer’s perspective in our processes, I work with what we call the customer journey. Together with my colleagues, I focus on giving our customers a better experience when they contact us after their expectations haven’t been met.

Even if we at PostNord follow guidelines and meet quality targets, it’s sometimes the case that the customer’s experience does not meet their expectations. Based on the customer journey we came up with a solution model in which we acknowledge the customer’s complaint and agree on a solution while the customer is on the phone to us – there and then. In our work on the process we therefore focus both on what the customer prefers and how the tasks can be performed in the best possible way in our processes.

Creating value for our customers while generating business is an important aspect of my work.

A short while after we started working in this way, we received a handwritten letter from a customer, who thanked us for the positive treatment they’d experienced. The letter sums up what’s important to me in my work: creating value for our customers while generating business. 

Last updated: 9/7/2016 10:41 AM