Are you thinking of diversity? We are. We want that our employees feel respected. Diversity makes a workplace more attractive and dynamic and it enables our business to decide and perform better.

PostNord currently comprises about a third women and two thirds men. In 2010, a decision was taken to increase the proportion of women in managerial roles. The target is for at least 40 percent of the Group’s managers and leaders to be women by 2020. A number of initiatives and activities are helping to achieve this target.

For example, all management, leadership and project management posts are advertised both internally and externally. The initiative proving to be of greatest benefit is ensuring that, for each recruitment round, the final candidates include both women and men.

The Panorama program at PostNord Sweden is one of the targeted initiatives to increase the proportion of women in management. The aim is to develop and motivate women to eventually take on major leadership roles. Diversity is also the cornerstone of PostNord’s various talent and development programs – for example, Top Talent, PostNord Professionals, and a new Nordic mentoring program.

Gender equality 2020

Goal: At least 40 percent of the Group’s managers and leaders will be women.

Results: At the end of 2018, 32 percent of PostNord’s managers were women.

Comment: The proportion of women is over 30 percent at all managerial levels, an outcome we are satisfied with given that the industry is still dominated by men. We are aware that an even gender balance does not automatically lead to gender equality, and so we work actively on inclusion. Several of our initiatives aim to create an open atmosphere in which each employee’s perspective is taken into account.

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