New lighting saves energy in Umeå

With grants from PostNord’s Environment Fund and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, PostNord in Sweden’s cold storage plant in Umeå will soon have more energy-efficient lighting.

PostNord Sweden’s head of environmental affairs, Mårten Sjölin, explains:

“The 1,200-square meter cold storage plant in question currently has the old-style high pressure sodium lighting. These fixtures are difficult to control: once the fixtures are turned off, it takes up to 20 minutes before they can be turned on again. That’s why they are turned on around the clock, which generates a lot of heat. And that’s a problem in cold storage where you want to keep the temperature down,” said PostNord Sweden’s head of environmental affairs, Marten Sjölin, and continues:

“Now that we’re switching to LED lights we’ll reduce energy consumption partly through more efficient lighting, and partly through reduced heat generation, which in turn leads to reduced cooling requirements.”

Funded by the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation

The project is funded by grants from PostNord's Environmental Fund and the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation Energy Efficiency Fund, which finances projects that reduce electricity use in industries and other facilities.

“We have previously built the solar plant at Arken with a grant from the Society for Nature Conservation and we would gladly carry out more projects of this type.”

When the lights are replaced, a more advanced control system for lighting will also be installed in the cold storage plant. The new system will make it possible to dim the lighting and optimize use of motion sensors that automatically turn the lights on and off.

Work to replace the lighting is expected to be completed in January next year.

Improved working environment

“Switching to LED lighting will result in significant energy savings and improve the working environment in the plant, since the light from the LEDs is easier on the eyes. It’s also a step on the way toward our goal of a 30-percent reduction in energy consumption in PostNord Sweden’s properties by 2020,” says Mårten Sjölin.

Last updated: 11/20/2015 2:51 PM