On-time delivery is everything at Jollyroom.

Business is booking for toy retailer Jollyroom. Last year, the company took delivery of 80 containers from China. This year, it will be 200. On-time delivery is key. “A delay of a week would be a disaster,” says Michael Kochelski, who is in charge of incoming shipments at Jollyroom.

Jollyroom sells toys, furnishings and baby carriages – in fact, everything for babies and children aged up to twelve years. The products are imported primarily from Eastern Europe and Asia. Lead times are long.

Logistics is the heart of the business. If that part isn’t working, everything collapses, says Michael Kochelski.


“The big challenge is to get the goods at the appointed time. If anything goes wrong, we have to re-arrange our deliveries from the port and reconfigure our entire delivery schedule. If we were to receive eight containers here at the warehouse in a day, it wouldn’t work.”

The logistics is working well

But despite fast growth, the logistics system is working well, very much thanks to PostNord’s MA (Management and Administration) system, which Jollyroom started using last spring. The MA system makes it possible to monitor the entire process all the way from booking until arrival of the goods in Gothenburg.

“It gives us total control. Using the container number, we know what there is in every container, and that all documentation is in place,” says Michael Kochelski.

Shipped the same day

Once the products have been unpacked, they are photographed in a studio. Jollyroom writes a description of the goods and posts it for sales in the web shop. The very same day, the product can packed and shipped out to any of Jollyroom’s customers in the Nordic region.

Now, as the hectic Christmas period looms, it is extra important for all products to arrive on time.

“We plan our campaigns on this basis. If we know that a contain is arriving in port on December 10, we make preparations for having the products in stock two days later. Then, we can run a campaign on our website on December 14 and make sure that our customers receive their orders in good time before Christmas. A delay of a week would be catastrophic.”

PostNord from the start

Jollyroom was established in 2010 and has used PostNord as logistics supplier from the outset.

“In April, we also took over their deliveries to Norway. At the same time, the overall agreement was extended by three years,” says PostNord Account Executive Daniel Viberg, who is impressed by Jollyroom’s success:

“When I met their CEO for the first time, he had a plan that was hard to believe in, but since then they have exceeded all expectations. They’re now in an extreme growth phase and have already outgrown the major storage facility they moved into a year and a half ago. It’s great that we can make a contribution to their growing business.”

Last updated: 12/7/2015 2:05 PM