PostNord focusing on diversity

Move - Change for Diversity has now been launched. A three-year initiative aimed at boosting diversity at PostNord and offering greater opportunities for in-house career development for talents from differing backgrounds.

“For several years, we’ve been working actively on increasing the representation of women among our managers. We’ve had a certain amount of success with that at senior management level, but we’re a long way from our target at other levels, so that work goes on. But we also have to extend the range of our work in diversity and open up more career opportunities for talents from different backgrounds and with different levels of experience, including ethnicity, life situation and age,” says HR Director Finn Hansen.

Increasing diversity a priority

According to President & Group CEO Håkan Eriksson, increasing diversity in senior positions is both a priority and vital to PostNord’s success.

“We need to establish a breadth among our managers that reflects the situation in general in society and at our company. A management team showing diversity creates a better balance, guaranteeing a wider perspective in the work of management, and consequently higher quality,” he argues.

It will affect the whole of the Group

The focus on the Move - Change for Diversity initiative is intended to place diversity on PostNord’s agenda and will affect the whole of the Group in various ways.

“We’ve got to work on always thinking diversity in every position. In particular, we’ll be looking at the development and management aspirant program, which is intended to ensure that participants are recruited on the basis of a diversity perspective. We also have to work in-house on mentorship and different types of network so we can get better at offering more people the chance to develop and at picking up on individuals of differing backgrounds who want to and can develop,” says Finn Hansen.

Last updated: 11/23/2015 10:00 AM