Brødrene Dahl extends its agreement with PostNord

PostNord and the Norwegian heating and sanitation wholesaler Brødrene Dahl recently signed a new cooperation agreement which means that PostNord will continue to be Brødrene Dahl’s logistics partner for a further five years. 

Brødrene Dahl logo“In order to achieve more product variety, shorter distribution times and lower costs, we have concentrated the logistics chain on a large central warehouse in Langhus, which receives and stores goods, and then picks and packs them before they are sent to service centers and customers all over the country,” says Jan Vere, Logistics Manager at Brødrene Dahl

Strong partnership

PostNord and Brødrene Dahl have developed a strong partnership over the course of several years, which forms the basis for this continued cooperation.

There has been considerable focus on making the logistics more efficient, and several unique solutions have been developed.

“The cooperation between PostNord and Brødrene Dahl is proactive and solution-oriented and aims to provide better overall economy regarding logistics. The agreement makes us more competitive and more profitable,” says Tommy Egeli, Account Manager at PostNord, who continues:
“We continuously develop our delivery solutions by defining, measuring and evaluating service and quality parameters. It’s part of our agreement.”

A long-term relationship is important for both parties

“The scope of the agreement provides confirmation that the customer has great faith in PostNord’s operational solutions and staff. Our drivers do an excellent job of making deliveries with the quality expected by the customer.”

Brødrene Dahl’s Transport Manager Lars Erik Granerud comments:
“The cooperation between us and PostNord has been very good for many years. Continuity is a big part of this. We have visited each other’s facilities around the country in order to see how we can get the best solutions and how best to manage deviations. We also have monthly reviews and frequent communication about further developments and new solutions”

The agreement will come into force on 1st January 2017.

Last updated: 6/13/2016 2:10 PM