Handelsbanken chooses PostNord’s climate-economical mail

Handelsbanken recently extended its agreement with PostNord Sweden. The Group’s sustainability work and climate-economical mail service were key factors for the deal.

Handelsbanken has entrusted PostNord with its mail distribution before, but on those occasions only for standard mail services. As part of the climate-economical service they have now chosen, mail is only transported by car or train – not by air – and the delivery time is three days. PostNord climate-offsets distribution. For its part, Handelsbanken ensures that paper, envelopes and printing are all environmentally certified.

Need to be more proactive

“It’s fantastic that our climate-economical mail service played a key role in a big contract like this. Our climate-economical services are a good, but we need to be more proactive about marketing them to really have an impact on the market,” says product manager within Business area Communication Services, Mats Hellström.

Key Account Manager Maria Lundström comments:

“The sustainability issue came up during a management meeting, which is held once a year with the bank’s management to discuss each company’s current status and future plans, in order to identify new areas of collaboration. To take matters forward, PostNord Sweden’s Environmental Director Mårten Sjölin and I met Handelsbanken’s head of sustainability, who was very impressed by our sustainability efforts and the fact that we work with professional companies and with quality-assured climate projects. Handelsbanken also has a heavy focus on sustainability work and they have considerable confidence in us.”

Mårten Sjölin has been working with Handelsbanken’s specialists to look at the potential for a partnership regarding environmental and sustainability issues.

PostNord as a discussion partner

“They really appreciate having a discussion partner in PostNord about what they can do to reduce the impact of transportation and distribution. The basic idea behind the climate-economical service is for both parties to make a contribution and together reduce environmental impact. So this agreement really is environmental benefit in practice.”

The agreement extends over two years and is expected to cover 16 million letters a year.

In addition to mail distribution, Handelsbanken is also buying Facility Services, parcel services and services from Strålfors.

Last updated: 2/4/2016 2:35 PM