Kavat and PostNord benefit from more intelligent customer communication

Using predictive analytics*, PostNord Strålfors is helping the shoe company Kavat to develop market communications relating to their-commerce platform. They are now reaching the right consumers with the right kind of communication - which provides a boost for both Kavat’s and PostNord's business.

The shoe factory Kavat’s main target group is parents of young children, but its customer base also includes numerous young adults and older people without children. Over the years, Kavat has collected quite a lot of information about its customers, but has not analyzed it to any great extent. This has resulted in the use of inefficient and partly misguided communication with customers - but the shoe factory is remedying this with the help of PostNord Strålfors. To this end, a new system for Kavat’s customer analysis and communication is now being developed in a pilot project.

Individually-tailored messages

“We want to be able to address consumers with individually-tailored messages. These should be of interest to the individuals, and should arrive at the right time and not too often,” says Chief Technology Officer at Kavat, Fredrik Widman.

Using predictive analytics, PostNord Strålfors is helping Kavat to identify purchasing patterns among visitors to the company's website. This information is used to design individual and targeted offers.

Global Account Manager at PostNord Strålfors, Hans Stenberg.

“We have created a solution together with Kavat via which the company can gain a better understanding of its customers and use the right messages with the right customers. This in turn opens up the possibility of using PostNord's other services, for example by conducting specially targeted mailings using address lists,” says Global Account Manager at PostNord Strålfors, Hans Stenberg.

An analysis of the company's sales data from the last year was first carried out, in order to obtain basic statistics. The result, which came about from the use of algorithms to automatically process Kavat’s sales statistics, then formed the basis for how PostNord Strålfors customized programs so that customer behavior could be analyzed at an individual level.

“This provided Kavat with proactive help in analyzing the data, which enabled the best possible communication with customers. The effect so far is not only that Kavat has sold more products; the whole company now also has a new way of thinking with regard to communication, and a new approach in terms of e-commerce. The company has the right communication tools for selling more parcels of products, and more parcels is of course good for our logistics business, as Kavat purchases such services from PostNord,” says Hans Stenberg.

* Predictive analytics
Predictive analytics is used to try and predict future events. Algorithms, statistics and data structures are used for this purpose. Predictive analytics involves identifying patterns that point to a certain outcome, assessing probabilities and making decisions accordingly. Whereas traditional data analysis mainly works on the basis of groups, predictive analytics is about individuals to a greater extent.

In the photo: Hans Stenberg

Last updated: 11/28/2017 12:05 PM