Norwegian Rema choose PostNord again

Last fall PostNord in Norway risked losing the leading Norwegian supermarket chain Rema 1000 as a customer in the non-food segment, meaning anything delivered to the store that isn’t food.

The cooperation agreement with Rema distribution was up for negotiation, but the customer chose to extend the agreement with PostNord.

“Rema distribution perceive PostNord to be flexible and future-oriented. Our customer team have a wealth of expertise that is valuable to the customer,” says Tommy Egeli, key account manager at PostNord.

Rema has been a PostNord client for many years, something which Tommy Egelis considers to be an advantage.
“The value of a long-term agreement is that it creates opportunities for both parties and that focus can be placed on making improvements.”

Rema 1000 logo

The agreement will be in effect until September 2018.


Last updated: 3/24/2016 10:02 AM