Now it will be easier for customers to choose a freight option

When choosing a freight option is simple for customers, their desire to make purchases also grows. This is the background to MyPack Checkout, a new module for e-commerce platforms that makes it easier for both e-retailers and their customers to select freight options.

With MyPack Checkout customers do not need to acquaint themselves with different freight methods. Instead the module reads off the customer’s location and lists the various distribution points available in the vicinity.

Make it easier for the e-retailer

“The idea is to thus make it easier for the e-retailer. Instead of a Danish retailer having to familiarize themselves with the available delivery options for a customer in central Sweden, MyPack Checkout lists them automatically because it works for the entire Nordic region,” says Ola Bergqvist, product developer at PostNord.

MyPack Checkout is an open source-based module adapted to the four major e-commerce platforms currently in existence.

Only five minutes

“It takes the e-retailer around five minutes to download the module, and they can then decide whether they want it to be integrated into a one-page checkout or whether they want to have the extended version, which opens in a new window. Regardless of which version is chosen, the idea is for MyPack Checkout to make it easier for customers to choose between different freight options.”

“We know that the reason purchases are not completed is often down to the freight – for example, unexpected additional costs appearing or the customer failing to understand the various complicated freight options.”

The conversion rate increased

The service has been tested during the spring by around 40 pilot customers in Denmark. The result was an increase in the conversion rate, that is, more people carrying out an action.

“When you make improvements to the freight, sales increase – it’s as simple as that,” says Ola Bergqvist.

The service is being launched gradually and is already being used by around 50 customers.

Last updated: 8/31/2016 10:12 AM