PostNord Strålfors launches partnership with Jakeluyhtiö Suomi

A new partnership between PostNord Strålfors and Finnish distribution company Jakeluyhtiö Suomi means Strålfors can now send letters through Jakeluyhtiö Suomi’s distribution network in Finland. The PostNord Strålfors We Mail service will apply in the first phase of the partnership.

Jakeluyhtiö Suomi“We’re constantly searching for new communications solutions that help us provide our customers with better service. For us as a channel-independent supplier, this means a new postal distribution channel for our We Mail service,” says PostNord Strålfors’ managing director Johanna Starck.


Covers half of all households

Jakeluyhtiö Suomi’s distribution network currently covers half of all households in Finland and will therefore be a competitive alternative for companies. The goal is to expand the distribution network even more and to seek out new partnerships in new geographical areas.

“Naturally, the partnership with PostNord Strålfors is a huge step for Jakeluyhtiö Suomi. It’s also historic, because the Finnish postal market is now being deregulated. This is the first time national volumes from a large printer will be mailed any way other than through Posti’s network,” says Jakeluyhtiö Suomi’s managing director Marko Toivari.


We Mail is a service for small and medium-sized companies who want to outsource their printing production.

Jakeluyhtiö Suomi primarily offers distribution of mail, magazines and small parcels.

Last updated: 6/1/2016 2:48 PM