PostNord helps Bauhaus expand in Finland

The online store of Bauhaus, a home improvement store, is growing in Finland. PostNord has been involved since the start and allows Bauhaus customers to have even large products, such as ready-to-use bath tubs, shipped to their homes.

Bauhaus logoThe Bauhaus online store in Finland opened last year. It was modelled on solutions in other Nordic countries such as Sweden, where Bauhaus has had PostNord as a partner for several years.

The online store has grown considerably. Bauhaus Web Shop Manager Viivi Niemi comments:

“Customers look for information and compare products and prices. The easiest and fastest way to do this is online. The information and features we offer in the online store also support sales in the physical stores. Many of our customers want to have the products delivered directly to their homes or summer cottages. This is possible thanks to the online store’s quick and affordable shipments. The online store now enables us to serve customers throughout the country, and previous geographical limitations have disappeared.”

Began working together autum 2014

Bauhaus and PostNord in Finland began working together when the online store project began in autumn 2014. Bauhaus initially looked for different partners for its warehousing and transportation services, but chose PostNord‘s overall solution.

It was apparent from an early stage that Bauhaus did not just need standard warehousing and transportation services but instead required a comprehensive solution that also included a significant number of value-adding services. PostNord designed a solution specifically for the requirements of Bauhaus in Finland, in close cooperation with the customer and the customer‘s provider of the online store platform.

Transporting awkward sized products...

A key factor in the success of the Bauhaus online store is the availability of large products. Consumers often have difficulty transporting awkward sized products. By ordering them via the online store, even large products can be easily delivered to their doors.

“The largest products we deliver include ready-to-use hot tubs,“ says PostNord‘s Key Account Manager Tero Rantala, who is responsible for the cooperation with Bauhaus in Finland.

He continues:
“Thanks to the cooperation that has been initiated in Finland, PostNord has become a strategic partner of Bauhaus in the Nordic region, and we strive to provide as uniform services as possible.”

Partnership and close cooperation

The partnership gives rise to close cooperation and a desire to develop and grow together.

“The features in the online store need to be developed further and future needs have to be taken account. In order to ensure this, we need skilled and reliable partners. Smooth logistics is one of the keys to success. Well-functioning logistics help ensure customer satisfaction, which is crucial to the success of the online store,” says Viivi Niemi.

About Bauhaus:
Bauhaus is a privately owned, German retail chain with more than 260 stores in 19 European countries. In Finland, there is an online store and five physical stores, in Vantaa, Turku, Tampere, Espoo and Oulu.

Last updated: 9/30/2016 12:52 PM