PostNord helps travel agent beat record

The right tone, right channel and right timing gave Maxli Travel Group a record yield from its postcard campaign. An analysis performed by PostNord contributed to this success and further cooperation is expected. 

For many years Maxli Travel Group has been able to rely on catalogs as a marketing channel for attaining its business goals. But the purchasing behavior of customers has changed and thus also the need to adapt the dialogue with customers, ensuring that a more personal tone is used.

“Just because we release our catalog in November doesn’t mean that people want to book their holiday at that time,” says Jeanette Larsson, marketing manager at Maxli Travel Group, adding that they have been too inefficient at canvassing and sending out reminders to existing customers or to those who have shown an interest in Maxli Travel Group.

A postcard campaign

To reach their customers, the postcard campaign “Vi saknar dig” (We miss you) was created, with more personalized content. An analysis performed by PostNord was used as a basis for the selection of customers for campaign, and in February this year, three months after the travel agent’s extensive catalog mailing, 47,000 postcards were sent to those who hadn’t responded to the catalogs and not yet booked a trip.

The personal approach resulted in the SEK 200,000 invested yielding SEK 5.7 million in immediate bookings.

“A fantastic outcome,” says Jeanette Larsson. 

“The emphasis on the personal is more apparent in a printed postcard in the mailbox than in a digital mailing. It makes it more authentic,” says Jeanette Larsson.

Next up is a more in-depth analysis for Maxli Travel Group, with PostNord at the helm. It remains to be discovered how the campaign can attract new customers and how the message and design can be sharpened even further.

Last updated: 8/25/2016 3:10 PM