PostNord key to Danish company WhiteAway’s expansion in Norway

When Danish major-appliance supplier WhiteAway decided to expand its operations in Norway, PostNord Denmark called on its Norwegian colleagues for help. Together, they got the new business up and running in just six months.

As one of the largest providers of warehouse storagecapacity and major-appliance distributors in Denmark and the Nordic region, Skanlog has been an important logistics customer for PostNord Denmark for a number of years. Among its other contracts, the company manages inventory and distribution for the large major-appliance chain WhiteAway, which has been active in Norway since 2011.

PostNord was the obvious first choice

When WhiteAway decided to expand its operations in Norway last year, PostNord was the obvious first choice as its logistics partner.

“Skanlog asked if we were interested in taking over distribution in Norway from a competitor. It was an exciting opportunity, naturally, so I made sure to reach out to my Norwegian colleagues right away,” says PostNord Denmark’s Key Account Manager, Kenneth Andersson.

Up and running after just six months

Just six months after holding the first conversation about the collaboration, Skanlog/WhiteAway were able to start operations on Norwegian soil; a development that WhiteAway’s CEO and co-founder, Johannes Gadsbøll, is very pleased with:

“Things are a lot simpler for us now that we only need to get in touch with a single point of contact to make everything work the way we want. It means that we can focus on marketing and online sales, for example,” explains Johannes Gadsbøll, who estimates that PostNord will make between 60,000 and 80,000 runs delivering the company’s appliances during 2016.

WhiteAway’s expansion in Norway also covers 16 Skousen stores. 

PostNord can deliver in suburban areas

According to Johannes Gadsbøll, the Norwegian system for deliveries to households is not as well developed as the Danish system, and PostNord is one of the few logistics providers—perhaps the only one—who can handle deliveries of large products to consumers, even to those living in suburban areas. Peter Nørgaard, Sales and Marketing Director at Skanlog, also points out this advantage:

“From the Danish operation, we have more than ten years’ experience of a well-functioning organization for deliveries to private persons. When it comes to major appliances, a long list of additional services that don’t apply to ordinary parcels comes into play, making it a different kind of challenge. Now all we need to do is to add the very last step in the delivery chain—providing the installation,” he says.

PostNord a Nordic business partner

Kenneth Andersson is pleased that he could use his network within the Group to help develop the cooperative partnership between PostNord and Skanlog/WhiteAway.

“It’s very rewarding to be able to bring people together and generate solutions across borders in the Nordic region. In doing so, we strengthen our position as a Nordic business partner and develop as a Group at the same time,” he explains.

Last updated: 3/8/2016 11:07 AM