PostNord partnership with Blue Water to expand

Satisfied customers buy more, and they shop across national borders. The point is confirmed by a succession of deals in Denmark, such as those with Skanlog/WhiteAway, Philipson Wine and Blue Water Shipping. The latter recently signed a major contract for pallet and mixed-cargo groupage shipments to Norway.

Bluwater logoDanish logistics operator Blue Water Shipping has been a customer of PostNord Denmark since 2014. Services supplied include pallet transportation to Sweden. Christian Hammershøy – then as now Key Account Manager – ensured that the agreement came to fruition. To his manager René Nielsen, of Industrial Markets and E-commerce at PostNord Denmark, several factors argue for expansion of the partnership.

We support their strategy

“To Blue Water Shipping, we’re the operator that’s best able to support their strategy. We’re not the cheapest, but overall in terms of what we offer in terms of price, quality, organization, networks etc. we’re the best solution on the market for them, and that’s a fantastic stamp of approval.”

The closer focus on heavy logistics that PostNord Denmark introduced at year-end has brought a number of new customers. However, Blue Water Shipping is the first real heavyweight Danish player to choose PostNord.

We can handle heavy logistics

“It’s important to us because we need to prove to the market that we can handle heavy logistics. The hope is that this contract can open the door to more large, attractive customers,” says René Nielsen.

The contract enters into force on 1 June and runs until 2019.

Last updated: 4/12/2016 2:09 PM