PostNord shares logistics award

The global freight network World Freight Alliance, of which PostNord is a member, has received an award for Best in Class in its business area.

The “Global Best in Class Independent Freight Forwarding Network” award was presented by Global Institute of Logistics (GIL), which recently did a study of independent forwarders and their increasing significance in the freight market.

Preliminary results of the study indicate that freight purchasers are increasingly choosing to use independent, global freight networks for their logistics and that several factors are contributing to this, including that networks are better able to meet the needs of the freight market for individualized and tailored services.

“This award is testimony to the fact that, together with World Freight Alliance, we have the muscles and quality necessary to be able to compete with the really big logistics and freight players in the global air and ocean market. There’s a general, erroneous assumption in the market that small, local players can’t compete with, for example, DHL, Schenker and other similar companies,” says Robert Lövgren from PostNord Air & Ocean.

PostNord is a member of and driving force behind the network and has held a permanent position on the board of WFA since its start in 2004.

Last updated: 8/30/2016 4:23 PM