Sustainable supply chain: Part of our corporate priorities

Prior to 2020, the suppliers who, based on a sustainability risk assessment, account for 80 percent of PostNord's total spend must accept and comply with PostNord's Code of Conduct for Suppliers. This new sustainability goal – Sustainable Supply Chain – has been included in our corporate priority “Sustainability in everything we do.”

“We need to take a group-wide approach to sustainability in the supply chain,” says Gunilla Berg, CFO of PostNord and GET sponsor of Sustainable Supply Chain.

To achieve this PostNord will develop and implement a Group-wide program for sustainable supply chain for which Group Sourcing is responsible.

The Code shall be included in all new agreements

“All PostNord procurement must be carried out according to our Procurement Policy which also stipulates that suppliers must accept our Code of Conduct for Suppliers as part of the commercial agreement. This means that the latest version of the Code shall be included in all new agreements with suppliers,” says PostNord’s CPO Helena Widengren.

It is a matter of protecting and generating business values

Managing sustainability in the supply chain involves limiting negative impact from the supply chain on the society and the environment, preventing bribery and corruption, and contributing to economic development. 

“In the long term, it is also a matter of protecting and generating business values for PostNord and our business partners.”

The Code of Conduct for Suppliers requires compliance with relevant legislation and international conventions regarding labor rights, human rights, health and safety, the environment and anti-corruption. Compliance with these requirements will be monitored, with the method and frequency depending on the risk level of the supplier.

Last updated: 11/28/2019 4:21 PM