We Mail with multi-channel now available

We Mail with multi-channel was recently launched. The service offers companies a communications solution for both printed and digital material. PostNord's customers can thereby offer recipients the possibility of receiving communications in their preferred format.

We Mail with multi-channel is a further development of a previous email service that was based on a collaboration between PostNord and PostNord Strålfors. The service covered the handling of physical communications. The addition of multi-channel means that digital streams can now also be included in the service.

“With We Mail, our customers can now easily and cost-effectively combine flows of both physical and digital communications,” says PostNord's Product Manager Tomas Maxe.

With We Mail, customers can communicate based on the recipients' wishes

Some recipients still prefer to physically receive communications in their mailbox. Others want to receive them digitally in various ways. The choice provides greater influence for the recipient regarding how communication should take place. With We Mail, customers can communicate based on the recipients' wishes, since the service combines printing and distribution in both the physical and digital channels (online invoices, digital mailboxes, e-archive). PostNord is currently the only company to offer such a service.

We offer the service throughout the Nordic region

“Furthermore, we also offer the service throughout the Nordic region, which is unique among providers. There are some companies that have some aspects of what is provided by We Mail, but there are none that can offer all the distribution channels in the same way as we do,” says PostNord's Product Manager Thomas Otterlund.

As PostNord manages the entire flow, including both physical and digital, the customer only needs to have one supplier for all the channels.

Great potential for We Mail in the public sector

“Customers that now only provide physical communications can easily switch to digital when this is desired by the customer and the customer's recipients. This strengthens their competitiveness and gives us satisfied customers,” says Tomas Maxe.

According to Thomas Otterlund, there is great potential for We Mail in the public sector, which is under pressure to become more digital.
“We work a lot with the kind of digital solutions they need,” comments Thomas Otterlund.

Last updated: 11/18/2016 10:18 AM