Acclaimed online store praises PostNord as a partner

The relocation of outdoor shop Addnature’s stock triggered the start of a successful partnership with PostNord. During 2016, the Group helped the store with everything from increasing efficiency to establishing itself in a new market. 

Addnature is now highly acclaimed among consumers - and PostNord is a big part of the success, according to the online store.

Founded in 2000

Addnature was founded in 2000 with the idea of ​​becoming a business focusing on the then non-existent online sales of outdoor equipment. Its business idea is to provide everything required for outdoor activities from one place, but the concept of offering a broad range of products brings with it challenges in terms of logistics and warehousing. Addnature therefore decided to outsource its stock storage to PostNord in 2015.

“The stock relocation provided a good start. During the past year, we have developed the activities further and expanded cooperation with the customer to such a level that it feels like a very integral part of both our and Addnature’s business operations,” says the Head of PostNord's TPL Unit in Helsingborg, which is responsible for the customer account, Nikola Vukovic.

PostNord works proactively

PostNord also works proactively together with Addnature to help develop the latter’s business. Among other things, Nikola Vukovic and his colleagues have helped to identify deficiencies in incoming deliveries made by Addnature’s suppliers, the rectification of which has made it easier to improve processes and reduce incorrect handling. According to Addnature’s Logistics Manager in the Nordic region, Johan Zakrisson, one of the main advantages of having an external logistics partner is that the link between deficiencies and costs is so clearly highlighted.Image on Addnature

“Previously, poor planning and mistakes have been hidden costs. It has been our own staff at the warehouse who have pointed out if workloads have been too high or if mislabeled goods have been received. But the partnership has enabled us to improve our lead times and reduce our logistics costs,” says Johan Zakrisson.

One of the hottest e-commerce stores

And it is not just internally that the positive aspects have been highlighted. In a recent survey conducted by the online magazine Market, the customers named Addnature as one of the hottest e-commerce stores in 2016.

“82.97 percent of the customers voted for Addnature, which should be viewed in the context of the fact that only 3 percent of Sweden's consumers know about the store. The survey evaluated parameters such as prices and product range, service, convenience, user experience and deliveries, and Addnature was also quick to include PostNord in the praise. We have together managed to build an "us" team, and Addnature is of the opinion that we help contribute to the high ratings provided by the customers,” says Nikola Vukovic, and continues:

“I of course consider this to be a vote of confidence, as we deliver products on time and nicely packaged. We have also facilitated the returns process, by including return forms and return labels, and we also process returns on the same day they arrive at our storage facility. Such aspects mean that we also contribute to the overall positive experience.

Last updated: 1/12/2017 2:59 PM